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It combines cardio training and workout with efficient self-defense techniques and spiritual development, based on the Zen philosophy.
Shorinji Kempo aims at nurturing individuals by finding the harmony of the body and the mind within oneself, in order to build a peaceful world. 

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9th EUROPEAN TAIKAI - July 2022, Nantes (FR)

The 9th European taikai has taken place at the beginning of July in Vallet, near Nantes in France. It was also the celebration of the 50th year of existence of the French Federation of Shorinji Kempo.
More than 300 kenshi attended the event and we all trained together and learned from many great sensei's from Japan and Europe. From Amsterdam Zuid branch, Federico sensei and Daan Nijssen attended the event.

With the 4 great sensei's of  the Spanish ​Federation and the great President of the Finnish Federation

Meeting good old friends from Germany (Dennis san) and from Finland (Timo sensei)

Our Branch master with the Japanese sensei's, from his L to R:
Arai sensei (7th dan), Aosaka sensei (9th dan) and Shimura sensei (7th dan)

4th dan grading

Federico sensei with his 4th dan certificate, after he sucessfully passed his grading on July 1st, at the beginnig of the Taikai.