Shorinji Kempo

Founded in Japan in 1947 by Doshin So, Shorinji Kempo is a way of nurturing people. It is a unique combination of philosophy, mastery of techniques, and an educational system.

While developing themselves, students also support each other, learning teachings on how to live happily together and techniques which strengthen them and allow them to grow with their fellow partners. These techniques and teachings are intertwined, and are taught in combination through Shorinji Kempo’s educational system.

Doshin So
The Founder of Shorinji Kempo
Ken Zen Ichinyo
The Harmony of Body and Mind
The mural painting that inspired Doshin So in founding Shorinji Kempo

Amsterdam Zuid branch

Amsterdam Zuid branch is led by Federico Campanale sensei (4th dan seikenshi) who's been training for more than 20 years, 17 of which under the guidance of Hiromi Tojo sensei in Amsterdam, until his retirement, in 2019. Federico then became Branch master of Amsterdam Zuid branch in 2020 and is assisted by Jurgen (3rd dan) during the classes. 

Federico sensei traveled to Japan in 2017 and 2018 for two periods of 2 months of training, learning from several great sensei at the Shorinji Kempo headquarters in Tadotsu, in Osaka, Tokyo and to a further extent at the Rakuto temple in Kyoto, with Kazuhito Morikawa sensei (7th dan).

The training at Amsterdam Zuid branch closely follows the japanese guidelines and is based on the knowledge acquired during 20 years training experience in Amsterdam, in Japan and in training seminars all over Europe.
The training is thourough, intense but also technical and practical. Focus is set on proper way of training, dojo​ etiquette and efficient self-defense. Following the way of the Founder, some time is also dedicated to meditation and philopsophy.

Federico sensei at the Shorinji Kempo headquarters in Japan